What we do:

At G2 Connection our primary focus is to connect tangible opportunities to clients and brands that go way beyond a once-off investment.

We ensure that our solutions leverage all touchpoints that are required to maximise value for brands, clients, customers, viewers and broadcasters.

  • TV integration - Seeking out or conceptualising commercial opportunities

  • Digital – website, mobile, social and content


  • Content Management - producing and managing of content for the clients across all their communication platforms, including design, creative and printing of marketing collateral. 


  • Public Relations - It is our core belief that good PR is invaluable to any new program launch and this is integral to all our series, regardless of whether it is a new series or a second season. We identify print partners and provide them with content, e.g. interviewing talent and contestants. 

  • Radio Partnerships - Not all our shows lend themselves to radio, but where they do, we negotiate interviews, content conversations and throw forwards with stations that are aligned with the show.

  • Activations and Events - When launching a new reality show, a launch event is a prerequisite for triggering engagement. This forms a part of the package we offer and the same applies to any shows that require finale, or any other, events.   

  • ROI - Full performance and MROI reports are provided at the end of every series.  We recognise and embrace that independent 3rd party auditing is of primary importance to all clients, we therefore contract Nielsen to manage this critical function on all projects.


As part of our service to clients, and their agency partners, we manage all associated agency functions, including media bookings, material chase-lists, creative, digital content, social media management and project management and co-ordination between all parties.  It is our purpose to supply our clients, producers and broadcasters with a seamless and efficient experience.

Digital Services | G2Connection | Gauteng
Digital Services | G2Connection | Gauteng